Social fundraising... Do you believe the rumors?

Aw man, you missed the webinar. Bummer. It was pretty great too. But no worries, you can still watch a recording or download the slides to learn some really important stuff about social fundraising.

We get it. You hear “social fundraising” and you think of one of those buzzwords like synergy, omnichannel or bees. But really, it’s pretty much the most important thing for nonprofits to know about. Problem is, there are a lot of rumors about it. So how do you separate fact from fiction?  At CrowdRise and GoFundMe, we’re kind of obsessed with figuring it out.

We took a deep dive into:

  • What social fundraising really is, and why it’s so awesome 
  • How you can use social fundraising to engage your network of supporters
  • Commonly missed opportunities
  • Our favorite types of cereal
  • Plus a lot more

This webinar is perfect for customers using CrowdRise Starter, CrowdRise Premium, CrowdRise Enterprise, or even for nonprofits not using CrowdRise yet. So basically everyone you’ve ever met that has something to do with nonprofits.

CrowdRise Webinar