Why can't I find my donation on the intended campaign?

Your donation may have been directed to another campaign, marked as anonymous, or failed.

If you have made a donation through our platform and do not see it on the intended campaign, there are a few reasons why this may have happened:

  1. Your donation may have been made directly to the nonprofit instead of a specific campaign benefitting the nonprofit
  2. Your donation may have accidentally been made to a different team member
  3. Your donation may be on the correct campaign but it's hard to find because there are so many others (an ok problem to have)
  4. Your donation may have accidentally been marked as anonymous at checkout so it's there, but not visible
  5. Your donation may have failed

Not to worry, our Customer Support team can make sure your donation ends up exactly where it’s supposed to. Email Us with the email address used to make the donation and a link to the campaign where the donation should appear, and we'll dig in.