Where is my WePay Batch ID report?

The information previously found in the WePay Batch ID report can now be found in the Transactions report as 'Deposits Batch ID'

In the new Report Center, there is not a corresponding new report specifically identifying the WePay batch deposits. However, this information is a part of the Transactions report under the Deposits Batch ID (column Z). Please keep in mind that the information you find in this column should correspond with the frequency of your WePay deposits (daily, weekly, or monthly).


Follow these steps to find it:

  1. From your Report Center, click Transactions
  2. Update your date filter if applicable and click Run (30 days is default)
  3. Hover over the bottom section (Data Table) and find the three-dot-menu in the upper right
  4. Click Download Data


4. Select the second option in Results: As Displayed in the data table

5. In your downloaded report, sort by column Z: Deposits Batch ID.

Note: The total amount forwarded to your organization will be reflected in your "Transaction Net" column



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