What types of nonprofits and campaigns are accepted by CrowdRise?

All CrowdRise campaigns benefit registered US and Canadian nonprofits in good standing with the IRS/CRA. All CrowdRise campaigns must comply with the CrowdRise Terms of Use.

You can set up a campaign on CrowdRise to benefit either a US 501(c)3 nonprofit or Canadian charity. 

In order to become a CrowdRise nonprofit, they must first be a registered 501c3 in good standing with the IRS or a Canadian charity in good standing with the CRA, and have a valid listing on GuideStar (US) or Canada.Ca (Canada).


Our Terms of Use outlines the general guidelines we follow to determine if a campaign is permissible. We do not engage with anything having to do with legal disputes, terrorism, drugs, weapons, gambling, or anyone who participates in copyright or trademark infringement. If you find a campaign that you believe violates the CrowdRise Terms of Use, please Contact Us.