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What is your nonprofit profile?

Customize your CrowdRise profile to create an engaging launchpad for your supporters to start campaigns for your cause

What is your Nonprofit Profile page?


Your Nonprofit Profile is your homepage on CrowdRise. It’s the place to tell your organization’s story, explain why you are fundraising and demonstrate the impact of your fundraising. Most importantly, it’s a launchpad from which your supporters can create their own campaigns benefitting your organization.

Your Nonprofit Profile also serves as a vehicle to carry over your organization’s unique brand and tone in the images, logos and story text you choose to include. These elements are the first impression your supporters see when they land on your profile, so make sure they are representative of your mission.

To customize your Nonprofit Profile, visit your Account Settings.


Profile vs campaign page: What’s the difference?

Nonprofit Profile:

Your Profile page houses your fundraising initiatives, displayed below your Mission and Header Image. Supporters can see at-a-glimpse the good work your organization is doing and can click the “Start a Campaign” button to quickly join in on the action and launch their own fundraiser.

CrowdRise nonprofit profile


A Campaign is where all the fundraising action happens. This is where supporters will go to donate, fundraise and/or register. Each campaign is customized for your unique initiative. It’s absolutely essential to drive campaign-specific traffic to your campaign page by sharing the direct URL, rather than sharing the URL to your profile page.

CrowdRise campaign page