What is a fiscal sponsor?

Using a fiscal sponsor on CrowdRise is a way to receive funds if your organization is not a United States 501c3 nonprofit or a Canadian charity. It is your responsibility to organize the terms of the fiscal sponsor relationship.

What is a fiscal sponsor?

If you want to use CrowdRise but your organization is not a United States 501c3 nonprofit or a Canadian charity, one option available to you is fiscal sponsorship. Fiscal sponsorship means that a registered United States 501c3 nonprofit or Canadian charity collects funds raised on your behalf, then honors a predetermined agreement to give those funds to you at the end of the fundraising period.

Note: All language on CrowdRise (including confirmation emails and donation receipts) will indicate that the fiscal sponsor organization is the benefiting charity. It is the responsibility of the recipient organization to work with the fiscal sponsor to communicate to donors how their funds will be used.

Tip: Include language in the story section of a campaign page to explain the fiscal sponsorship relationship. Additionally, you may edit the thank-you email using the Email Customization tool for your campaign.*

How to set up your campaign beneficiary if you are using a fiscal sponsor

  1. Create a CrowdRise account for your organization or the individual organizing the campaign.
  2. Create a campaign
  3. Select the fiscal sponsor as the beneficiary, either in the initial campaign creation process or under the campaign editor
  4. Fiscal sponsor will collect the funds on your campaign and receive them via PayPal Giving Fund or WePay
  5. Once the funds are received, the fiscal sponsor will give the fundraised amount to your organization based on the predetermined agreement.**

Your campaign beneficiary will always be the organization who is collecting the funds directly from CrowdRise, i.e the fiscal sponsor. Nonprofits on CrowdRise may choose from two payment processors, PayPal Giving Fund or WePay, to receive funds. Be sure to understand how your fiscal sponsor receives funds and on what schedule (e.g monthly, weekly, daily) to organize how funds will be transferred to the beneficiary and within what time frame.

Tip: Reconcile net donation amounts by viewing donation reports in the Report Center.

*Available to subscription nonprofits.

**CrowdRise is not responsible for arranging a fiscal sponsor or responsible for any of the conditions or subsequent misunderstandings or issues related to that fiscal sponsorship relationship.