How do I use UTM codes on my campaign?

Add UTM Codes to your campaign URL to track which of your digital channels are performing best.


What are UTM codes and how do they work?

A UTM Code is a snippet of text you add to the end of a URL that is used to determine from where the URL was shared. By adding a UTM code to your CrowdRise campaign URL, you are creating custom tracking URLs for each of the different digital channels you are using to spread the word about your fundraiser. Used in conjunction with Google Analytics, UTM codes will also be recorded in the CrowdRise Report Center, giving you visibility into which channels are most successful in driving donations.

Access to UTM code data is reserved for nonprofits on a Premium or Enterprise subscription.


How to create a UTM Code:

  1. Locate your CrowdRise campaign URL
  2. Add the UTM code at the end (see below)
  3. Combine your URL with your UTM code to create your tracking URL
  4. Test your new URL by copy and pasting the whole URL with the new UTM code into your browser to make sure you land at the correct page.
  5. Send out your new UTM tracking URL to the appropriate channels. For example, if you are using “Twitter” as the source, make sure that’s the only URL you share on twitter.
  6. Pull a Donation Report and check out the Source and Campaign columns to determine whether or not a donation came from one of your UTM code URLs



Formula to add UTM codes to your campaign URL:




Or, copy and paste this link and fill in your information to the ALL CAPS words to create your url:

UTM parameters:

In the “INSERT” spots below, enter the parameter values that will help you identify your UTM codes. These are the terms you will see in your donation reports under the Source and Campaign columns.

  • Source describes the location of where you’re sharing the link, such as Twitter, Facebook, Email, or Company Name.
  • Campaign indicates the name of your initiatives, for instance “1stRequest” “SponsorOutreach” or “MainContacts”