Text-to-donate best practices

Make the most of your Text-to-donate keyword to help people donate or register for your campaign.

What is Text-to-donate?

CrowdRise’s Text-to-donate feature allows supporters to simply text a unique keyword to 41411 and receive a direct link to your campaign’s donate or registration/ticketing flow. Text-to-donate makes it easy for your supporters to make a donation or sign up for your event directly from their mobile devices and give the amount they want instead of being limited to a flat donation value charged to their phone bill. Text-to-donate also provides an easily-shareable method of communicating with your supporters and enables them to share on-the-go with their own networks.

Best practices on running a campaign with Text-to-donate

The success of Text-to-donate hinges on your keyword’s visibility and messaging to your supporter base. It’s also important to reinforce to your supporters how quick and easy it is to make a contribution using Text-to-donate. See below for our tips on how to engage your supporters and best leverage Text-to-donate:

1. Choose a strategic keyword

Make your keyword short and memorable so it’s easily-remembered and reduces the risk of a typo or misspelling, leading to a failed donation attempt. Good examples include: “ROSES2019” and “PENCILGALA”


2. Put your keyword everywhere

Advertise your keyword in as many places as possible, both on and offline. Here are our favorite examples:

  • Film a short, 1-minute video demonstration on how to use Text-to-donate to demonstrate its ease of use
  • Create fliers to hand out before and during your event with your keyword and number Take out ad space on a local media outlet, like a community website, to display your keyword
  • Use a projector to display the keyword and number to your supporters at your event
  • Print stickers with your keyword and number for supporters to wear at your event
  • Print t-shirts and other event memorabilia (e.g napkins, cups, signage) with your unique keyword included
  • Have staff and volunteers place the keyword in their email signatures
  • If you have a live event, consider printing the keyword on the starting and finish lines, signage in the parking lot and bumper stickers


TIP: Using Registration as a part of your campaign? Leverage these same tips to help supporters Text-to-register for your event.

3. Incorporate sponsors and matching donations

Consider any sponsors or corporations that are willing to match donations made through Text-to-donate. A matching component can multiply the impact of your donations and encourage your donors to give.

4. Thank your donors

Thank your donors sincerely and promptly after a donation is made. Make sure they feel appreciated for their gift and connected to the mission. If possible, relate their contribution to a tangible impact. You can also do this directly from your campaign’s activity feed.

5. Leverage new donor data

Review the data you collect over the course of your Text-to-donate campaign. Identify new donors, large gifts and repeat donations. Donor data from campaigns using a Text-to-donate keyword are available in your Report Center.


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