Someone else claimed my nonprofit, how do I become the admin?

Become the admin of an already-claimed nonprofit by creating an account/logging in, searching for your nonprofit and clicking the "request access."

If someone else claimed your nonprofit on CrowdRise and you wish to become the admin, follow a couple of quick steps to gain administrative access to your account.

How to gain admin Access to an already-claimed nonprofit account

1. Click the Get Started button on the homepage

2. Sign up or log in

3. Search for your nonprofit using the nonprofit name or EIN/BRN

4. Click the Request Access button

5. An email will populate with an access request; send the email.

6. Our team will reach out to verify your role with the organization and provide next steps.



Tip: To get vetted quickly, it's best to use an official email address through your organization, if you have one.