Should I add registration/ticketing to my campaign?

Build and customize registration to use only the features you need, giving your registrants a simplified and seamless sign-up experience.

If you have a campaign on CrowdRise or are considering launching one, our Registration and Ticketing functionality is a great feature that can help you reach your campaign’s goals. CrowdRise registration allows you to easily add and manage your Registration/Ticketing on any CrowdRise campaign at any time, and, on any type of device.

Registration or ticketing is great for your campaign if you need to:

  • Combine registration and fundraising into one smooth process
  • Collect a participation fee
  • Ask your supporters additional custom questions
  • Organize supporters to participate in a live event

Registration Snapshot-1

Interested in a demo? Here's a 30 minute video tour.

Ready to dive in? Check out How to setup registration/ticketing on my campaign.


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