How do I get the word out about my campaign?

Share your campaign by utilizing email, social media and turning your supporters into fundraisers.




The success of your campaign hinges on effective methods of sharing. Without actively telling your supporters to go to your campaign page and take an action, your campaign will not generate the traffic, donations or fundraising that you need to be successful.

Luckily, CrowdRise provides you with the tools to help you be successful in getting the word out, including inviting team members, social sharing, email customization and a mobile-friendly platform for sharing on-the-go. In this article, you'll learn about spreading the word by:


  • Email
  • Turning your Supporters into fundraisers
  • Social sharing




The importance of your messaging plan

Email is the most effective method of sharing your campaign. The shelf life of an email outlasts most all other methods of engagement. A single email can “live” up to a couple of weeks in someone’s inbox. It gets great visibility since it’s already a common and effective way of sharing important information. You’ve already built trust with your constituents, so sharing an announcement of a new campaign is a very simple and straightforward way to get the word out. Make sure to include your direct URL in the body content of your email (a button is even better!).



Tip: Consider Segmenting your email list for an opportunity to tailor your content to different groups within your larger supporter base.


Best practices for campaign emails

  • Use compelling language and imagery. Make sure to vary your content so your message resonates with as many people as possible
  • Always include a call-to-action in the body of your message to drive traffic back to your campaign page
  • Send out at least three big email blasts to your constituents-- we suggest sending before, during, and after your campaign. These are critical times to rally support from your followers and solicit help fundraising and donating. It’s also important to send an additional dedicated email after your campaign is over thanking and sharing your success with your donors and fundraisers
  • Make sure each email is different and provides something of value. Include campaign elements like what will the funds be used for, how close are you to the goal, or other campaign details that can help motivate your donors


Share your Campaign URL from the Campaign Manager

Grab your campaign’s URL directly from the Campaign Manager to then copy and paste into your emails to ensure your supporters land as close to your donate button as possible.




You will also see a campaign link when hovering over the “Share” button on a team page.




Turn your supporters into fundraisers

Invite your supporters to share your cause with their network

A key aspect to peer-to-peer fundraising is your fundraisers, or those fundraising on your behalf. Fundraisers expand the reach of your organization and the amount of people who you can touch with your message. A single fundraiser uses their own network of connections to communicate with their friends, family and colleagues that you otherwise would not be able to contact. As a result, your fundraisers multiply the amount of engagement and, ultimately, dollars raised to your cause.


Best practices for recruiting fundraisers for your campaign

  • Prior to your campaign launch, identify your all-star supporters. Send these individuals a personalized invite to fundraise as a part of your campaign
  • Provide your fundraisers with bullet points about your cause and campaign that they can include when they reach out to their family and friends

Invite team members directly from your campaign

Invite team members directly from your Campaign Manage view. This will send them an automatic email inviting them to join your campaign.


Go to your Campaign Manager and click the Manage Icon:



Scroll down to the Activity Feed and click the Fundraisers tab



Click the Invite New Fundraiser link



Enter emails into the box to send an automatic email inviting your recipients to fundraise on your campaign.



Tip: Your supporters also have access to this, so encourage them to use it and use it often to share within their own networks!



Note: The your campaign title and beneficiary will autofill in the invite email.


If you have Multiple Teams enabled, you will also have the option to Invite New Team



To invite a team, type in the names of your recipients and they will receive a similar automatically-generated email as above, inviting them to become a create a team on your campaign.


Social Sharing

Share on social media to reach new audiences

You and pretty much everyone you know is on some form of social media, so it’s important to get your campaign out there, too. With enhanced functionality on CrowdRise campaign pages, sharing on Facebook and Twitter is easier-than-ever. It’s a great way to reach a lot of followers in a short amount of time. By utilizing the power of social media, your organization gains the power to reach new audiences and expand your reach beyond your email list.


A great tactic to extend your reach even further is to encourage your supporters to share on your behalf. This enables your message and campaign to go even further across social networks.





Tip: Vary your social media content across all possible platforms. Social Media is constantly changing, so don’t be afraid to try new tactics.


Right now, Instagram is the leader in organic traffic. If you have an instagram presence, try making a short (<1min) selfie-style video to announce the start of your campaign. Always include your campaign URL in your bio.


Best practices for sharing on social

  • Photo and video are the leading forms of content on social media in terms of engagement, so choose your imagery thoughtfully and include something representative of your campaign and mission. Remember: people engage with people, not with things
  • In your social media content, always include the direct URL to your campaign with a Call-to-Action in your posts. Keep your message short and sweet, and use video and photos wherever you can
  • Post consistently and often - weekday mornings are shown to be the best times to post
  • Don’t just request donations - provide your supporters with essential campaign or cause info that provides value and encourages them to donate


Share directly from CrowdRise

Our Social Amp optimizes social sharing on each campaign. Social Amp, located within the Manage Campaign view, makes it easy for you and your supporters on CrowdRise to share easily and often.


These are available both to you and your donors/fundraisers so encourage them to take advantage of these easy pathways of sharing online.



Social Share buttons are located and top of a Multiple-team or Registration/Ticketing campaign.



Social Share buttons are located at the top right corner, the center and bottom of a Standard Fundraising Campaign or a Donate-only Campaign.


To personalize your message even further, customize the default image and text that populate when someone clicks the “Share” buttons.* Access by going to Edit Campaign > Edit > Design tab.




*Facebook Custom Share Image and Text are limited to Premium/Enterprise subscription nonprofits.