How to edit your campaign with custom sections

Leverage Custom Sections in your Campaign Editor to tell a story and foster support for your campaign

Creating a compelling case for giving back is one of the most important components of fundraising. In this guide, we’ll show you how to leverage the tools on CrowdRise to help you customize your campaign.


Edit your campaign

Section Management functionality is available when Multiple Teams have been enabled.


To begin, go to your Campaign Manager and click the Edit icon. Locate the Add Multiple Teams Card and then click the Add Multiple Teams button. From there, click on the Edit button on the Campaign Card to view the Sections available for customization.


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The Header Section allows you to create a strong first impression when your supporters visit your campaign’s landing page. It will remain locked as the top section to ensure the campaign name and call-to-action buttons are prioritized and visible to donors and fundraisers.


Header Image Specs


Header Best Practices

Select a high-quality Banner Image that portrays the mission of your campaign. Add a Banner Overlay to adjust the hue of your banner image by color and opacity to complement your Image.


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To keep the buttons prominent, make sure to keep text, logos and faces limited to the top and sides of the banner image area.

Can’t find the right image? Check out the following free stock photo sites:



In your Story section, make a connection to your audience by telling your story. Make sure you’re not only describing your mission, but that you’re also describing what your organization does to make a difference in your cause space. Use case studies, talk about individuals you’ve helped and discuss issues you’re hoping to solve in the future.


Story Template


Subscription nonprofits also have the opportunity to update the story Section Title as well as the Section Headline that is featured in your story section.

Set the Location and Date of your campaign within the story section to provide important campaign details to your supporters. ________________________________________________________________________


The Gallery section is your opportunity to make an emotional connection with your supporters through visual imagery. Add up to 10 photos and 1 video, as well as a Section Title and Section Headline to better represent the goals of your campaign.


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Photos can be uploaded as JPG, JPEG, GIF, or PNG. Max file size is 16MB and must be larger than 600x400 pixels.

Videos can be added as YouTube or Vimeo URLs. Make sure your videos are made public so that visitors to your campaign can view them. For more tips on video, check out The Power of Video and Video Do’s and Don’ts.


Gallery Best Practices


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Photos show your impact

Photos are a powerful way to tell your organization’s story. Choose photos and video that will support your charity's narrative and cause. Strong imagery helps foster a stronger connection to donors and ultimately result in more donations to your cause.


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Videos convert better

There’s a ton of research out there about why video is way more effective than text. We’re finding that campaigns that use our Campaign Update tool with a video are raising 5.7x more than those without video updates. It’s a lot easier to create a video than you think-- you can upload it from your computer or even record it right from your phone. Be sure to include a clear call to action such as donate now, register, or join the team - in your video.


Social Fundraising Logo

Logos build your brand

Just as they do with for-profit companies, supporters can become brand loyal in the non-profit space as well. It’s a good rule of thumb to include your organization's logo in everything you do even if you have a specific campaign logo. This is a great way to create and build even more brand recognition with your supporters, fundraisers, and donors alike. People begin to recognize your logo and associate it with your mission.

Get Creative with the Gallery


Feature sponsor logos in your Gallery to share the impact they have had on your campaign with your supporters.


Sponsor Gallery




Choose how you’d like to configure your leaderboard to feature teams, fundraisers, or both.


Leaderboard Teams Fundraisers


Leaderboard Teams



Add a New Section


New Section

Nonprofits on Premium and Enterprise subscriptions have the ability to add up to 10 Custom Sections of their choosing.

Utilize Custom Sections to include any additional information not included in earlier sections. Add up to 5 photos per section.


Custom Sections are perfect for:

  • Featuring sponsors
  • Showcasing a previous event
  • Rewarding top donors/fundraisers
  • Telling Impact Stories








Rearrange and Hide Sections

Subscription nonprofits can drag and drop sections in the campaign editor to order the way in which the sections will appear on your campaign. Changes will be reflected in real time in the preview pane.


Rearrange Sections


Don’t have a need for a specific section? Hide it by clicking the ‘Hide Section’ icon at the bottom of each section editor.


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Note: All sections must be collapsed in order to reorder your sections.


Great examples of customized campaigns

Check out these great examples of nonprofits leveraging the configurability features to showcase their cause.


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