Best practices for adding Registration/Ticketing to your CrowdRise campaign

Optimize your Registration/Ticketing campaign by strategically pricing your tickets, getting creative with ticket types and taking advantage of donation and sharing tools.


Adding a Registration/Ticketing element to your campaign can dramatically improve revenue for your live events. Adopt strategies like setting variable prices or implementing Text-to-ticket to maximize your Registration/Ticketing campaign’s success and take it to a new level.



Strategic Pricing & Ticket Options

Find a pricing “sweet spot”

Carefully determine your registration/ticket prices. Consider important factors of your participant demographic such as age and location to find a price that is not too high as to deter buyers but not too low so that you do not receive a return on your event.

When calculating your price, be sure to factor in the expenses that you will incur in running in this campaign, how many people you expect to bring in, and your goal. Based on those factors, price your registration/tickets so you take in a margin above even.

Offer a VIP experience

Consider selling VIP tickets for those participants willing to go in at a higher price point. If possible, use experiential bonuses, like a pre-race dinner, VIP tent, or afterparty. We find that incentives and rewards that provide an experience rather than an item yield better sales and donations.

Create Variable Pricing

CrowdRise Registration allows you to set variable prices throughout different dates and times. Set your cheapest prices to go on sale first, then increase to your final ticket price as time progresses, for example with “Early Bird” “Regular Ticket” and “Late Registrant/Buyer” tickets.

Create a sense of urgency in your messaging to encourage participants to sign up/buy soon before price points change. Doing so also gives an impression of a deal, helping participants to act fast.

Set up variable pricing options in your Registration Editor. Find Ticket Options and toggle to Advanced Settings to set the Start and End Date of a ticket.


Get creative with ticket options

In most cases, not all of your supporters will be signing up for the main ticket option, such as "runner" or "dancer." To make your tickets more inclusive to your whole supporter base and get more people in on the fun, offer ticket options that are not based on physical ability, skill or location.

For example, if you are putting on a 5K fun run, include "walker," "volunteer" and "virtual participant" options. This way, you are offering a more inclusive range of participation options for people of various abilities and are including others who are not able to come to the physical event. Additionally, you can keep track of help at the live event.




Make Fundraising First

Include fundraising in the sign up process

We recommend offering your registrants the option to fundraise for any campaign that has registration. To enable fundraising in CrowdRise Registration/Ticketing, see instructions Here.

Even if you don't anticipate all supporters fundraising, having them set up a page during registration gives them the option to do so at a later date. Plus, it allows their networks a place to support them and, in turn, your cause.

Enable Fundraising Minimums

Fundraising Minimums are a great motivator because they require a user to pledge to raise a certain amount. If they fail to do so, they are responsible for making up the difference out of their own pocket.

Turn on Fundraising Minimums to require users agree to a minimum amount of money that they must raise by a deadline of your choice. This allows your nonprofit to anticipate donation volume make it to your nonprofit and stay under budget with confidence.

Note: If you have Fundraising Minimums enabled on ticket options, you must require fundraising. Check out more on Fundraising Minimums in our Registration Guide Here.


Offer Multiple Opportunities to Give

Donations during registration

Toggle Accept Donations in Registration on in Registration Settings to allow your registrants to make an additional donation to your nonprofit during checkout. You can suggest certain donation amounts by pre-setting the donate buttons, or, leave it up to your registrant to determine what's appropriate to give.


Promo codes/ Donate your Savings

While promo codes usually result in losing donation volume, offering promo codes in CrowdRise Registration can actually be a great way to help your nonprofit raise more. Promo codes help boost marketing and messaging efforts by offering discounts. And, with CrowdRise Registration's Donate your Savings feature, your registrants can donate what they would have saved by using a promotion code.


Donations during Registration and Donate your Savings let your supporters make multiple gifts all in a single transaction, making it easy for you to raise more through registration.



Encourage Social Sharing

Sharing on social media can lead to new supporters, new donations, additional ticket sales and increased awareness of your cause. That’s why we’ve implemented a novel experience for sharing your campaign on social media.

Our Social AMP functionality is located on every campaign page as well as the Manage Campaign view and are available for all your fundraisers and donors to take advantage of. When a supporter makes a donation, they are automatically taken through a series of prompts that encourage them to share on their social networks.



Use the Campaign Update tool

When you post a Campaign Update on CrowdRise through your Manage Campaign view, an email is automatically sent to all your donors on that given campaign.

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With the Campaign Update tool, you can keep your supporters updated with key updates, create urgency to encourage more sign ups or notify supporters that tickets are almost sold out or prices are set to change at a certain date.




Text-to-ticket allows you to sell tickets on-the-go, including at your live event.

Like Text to give, Text-to-ticket sends a participant directly to your registration/ticketing flow so they can select their registration/ticket options, checkout and set up a campaign page all from their mobile device simply by texting a designated keyword to “41411.”

As an added bonus, Text-to-ticket is easily-shareable on social media, text, and email, simply by sending the unique keyword along with “41411.”

*Text to ticket is a Premium/Enterprise feature only. Please contact your Success Specialist for more information on implementation.