I live outside the United States. Can I still use CrowdRise to fundraise?

An individual can use CrowdRise to donate or fundraise for a US or Canadian nonprofit if you live outside of the US or Canada.

We encourage donors from all over the world to fundraise using CrowdRise. However, beneficiaries on CrowdRise are only US or Canada-based nonprofits. For more on what organizations are permitted to receive donations on CrowdRise, see Here.

Donation Currency

We accept donations from all over the world and those donations will be processed in the currency displayed on the campaign, then converted to the donors local currency by their banking institution.

Any campaign created will adopt the currency of the benefiting nonprofit, and exchange rates will apply to any non-local donors. In other words, if a person from Canada creates a campaign to benefit a US nonprofit, the currency on the campaign will be in USD.

As far as any extra fees an international donor will incur, it depends on their financial institution. Some banks levy a small additional charge to process an international transaction, in addition to the exchange rate. CrowdRise itself does not charge any extra fees on international donations.

For example, if a US or UK donor places a donation on a Canadian campaign (indicated with a maple leaf next to the donation amount), they will pay the daily exchange rate and any permissible bank fees. This also applies to non-US donors making donations on US campaigns.

Tax receipts

An international donor will receive a receipt that contains all of the information the US IRS or Canadian CRA requires for a donation receipt. Any other questions about the deductibility or tax information required for their country of residence will have to be researched by the individual donor. We recommend reaching out to a tax professional for assistance.

For more on Tax receipts, see Here.