Why is my campaign "not accepting donations"?

In most cases, a campaign cannot accept donations because a beneficiary is not selected under the campaign editor, or, the donate button is turned off.

As soon as you have launched a campaign and selected a nonprofit to receive the funds, your donate button will activate and you will be all set to start receiving donations. However, there are a couple of reasons why your campaign would not able to accept donations.

Not Accepting Donations

See below for how to start fundraising and accepting donations to your campaign’s beneficiary:

1. Beneficiary is not selected

Without a beneficiary, there is nowhere for the funds to be allocated. Ensure you have selected a nonprofit beneficiary to receive donations from your campaign. All campaigns on CrowdRise go directly to the nonprofit beneficiary you select.

To select a beneficiary, go to the Campaign Editor. Under Content, scroll down to “beneficiary.” Ensure your correct nonprofit is entered in this space.

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2. Donate button is turned off

Another possibility of why your campaign cannot accept donations is that your campaign cannot accept donations if your donate button is turned off.

Turn your donation button on under the campaign Editor > Settings Tab > Disable Donate Button.


Note: If you wish to raise money for an individual and/or personal cause in which donations go to a personal bank account, please set up a campaign at gofundme.com. At the moment, we aren't able to transfer an existing campaign on CrowdRise to the GoFundMe platform automatically. For this reason, we recommend saving the content on your CrowdRise campaign and copying it into your new GoFundMe campaign.