New Report Center FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the new CrowdRise Report Center

How do I access the new Report Center?

You will access it by clicking heading to your Report Center and clicking the link in the blue bar.


Why am I seeing the legacy report center?

The new Report Center will be released in phases to all nonprofits on CrowdRise. We’ve intentionally scheduled the roll-out to align with a handful of major campaigns that will be impacted. If you’re not able to access the new Report Center now, it’s likely because you’re currently a part of one of these campaigns. If you have further questions about access, please reach out to your Success Specialist or contact Customer Support.

Where can I find a report like the one I used to have?

We’ve redesigned the entire reporting experience on CrowdRise to help you understand your data in a more efficient and clear way. You’ll notice that the legacy reports don’t translate exactly to the new versions. That being said, all of the information you’re looking for can be found in the new reports. For specifics on each new report type, check out New General Reports.

Here are some basic tips to help you find what you’re looking for:

  • The Transaction report will show all donations to your organization, much like the legacy donation report. (The new transaction report will also include other transactions such as registrations and ticket purchases.)
  • The Fundraisers report will include information on your supporters raising money for you, similar to the legacy team member detail report.
  • Campaigns will show all campaigns with multiple teams started by you or your supporters, like a legacy Events report.

I don’t see the column with the data field I’m looking for.

If you’re looking for a specific piece of information (ex. Donor address or donor comment) but don’t see it, there are a few possible options to help find it:

  1. Starting simply: Try scrolling to the right to see if there are additional columns.
  2. Be sure that you are running the correct type of report. It may be that the field you’re looking for populates in another report. Review the different types of reports in this article.
  3. Consider changing the way that you download your report. Certain download options only include a few columns to report on a more focused group of data. Redownloading to view everything in the data table may include what you’re looking for.

Where is my WePay Batch ID report?

There is not a corresponding new report specifically identifying the WePay batch deposits. However, this information is a part of the Transactions report under the Deposits Batch ID (column U). Please keep in mind that the information you find in this column should correspond with the frequency of your WePay deposits (daily, weekly, or monthly).

Follow these steps to find it:

  • From your Report Center, click Transactions
  • Hover over the bottom section (Data Table) and find the three-dot-menu in the upper right
  • Click Download Data
  • Select the second option in Results: As Displayed in the data table
  • In your downloaded report, sort by column U: Batch ID report.

Why aren’t fundraising minimums included in any reports?

Data on fundraising minimums is not included in the first version of the new Report Center. However, information on your supporters and their fundraising minimums minimums can be exported directly from the Fundraising Minimums Manager in the manage tool.


Why does it take so long for my data to populate in the new Report Center?

When analyzing the data in your new Report Center, you’ll notice a delay between the time when an action (donation or page creation) occurs on CrowdRise and when it populates in the data. We’re able to provide you with impactful info about your campaigns because we’ve partnered with one of the best data management tools in the business. Because your data must be integrated in a manner that is both accurate and secure, you will notice a delay between the time an action occurs and when it shows up in your reports.

We completely understand how important it can be to see your campaign activity in real time. Here are a few other ways to immediately view who has donated or joined your campaign:

  • Check your email for the confirmation of a new campaign or a donation notification
  • View your campaign to see new team members or donations
  • Login and click on the Campaign Manager to scroll down and see all activity on your campaign

TIP: For nonprofits on a subscription, consider scheduling a report to get your info when you want it. Rather than pulling a report manually on a weekly or monthly basis, the new Report Center allows you to schedule the report to arrive right in your inbox.

I clicked Download Data but I don’t see my report in my downloads folder. Where is it?

Your data will populate in your downloads folder once the download is complete. Downloads that contain more information may take longer to appear. If you don’t see it come through, please reach out to your Success Specialist or Customer Support. .