Kindful CRM integration

Easily and accurately import fundraiser, donor and donation data from CrowdRise into Kindful CRM.


CrowdRise syncs directly with Kindful, making automatic data transfer more accurate and reliable than ever. Verified nonprofit accounts on CrowdRise can take advantage of comprehensive data transfer from CrowdRise directly into their Kindful CRM.

Records that import from CrowdRise from Kindful:

  • Events
  • Teams/Fundraisers
  • Team Members – name only
  • Transactions with transaction comments (imported as a note on that transaction)
  • Donors – email, address, and phone (if available)

Automatically sync

Sync your CrowdRise history including donations, fundraisers and events with the rest of your fundraising activities to one central database.

Connect your campaigns

Kindful connects your data to other software tools, like email marketing and accounting.

Better insights, better engagement

With all your donor data in one place, you can report on the entirety of your efforts. See who has donated, when their last gift was, what emails they’ve opened, and even who has reached out to them.

Instructions on How to Connect to Kindful:

Overview, Connecting, & Viewing

Kindful + CrowdRise Integration FAQ:

Kindful Help Center: CrowdRise FAQ