Important tools in the Campaign Manager

Engage, thank and credit your supporters through a single portal


Once you’ve published your campaign, you’ll have access to the Campaign Manage View. Within this view, you have the power to manage many important elements of your campaign:

  • Utilize the Campaign Update Tool
  • Thank your Donors
  • Add Offline Donations
  • Use the Fundraising Minimum Manager


Campaign Update Tool

Posting a campaign update using the Campaign Update tool is a great way to communicate with your donors during your campaign. Compose a message in the box to create an email that automatically sends to all those who have previously donated to your campaign. Each message sent to your donors includes a call-to-action to donate again or share your campaign on Facebook.


Read more by checking out How to send a campaign update.


Thanking Donors Tool

The Thanking Donors tool allows you, the campaign organizer, to thank those who have made a donation to your campaign directly from your Campaign Manage view.


Learn how to thank donors from your Campaign Manage view in this article.


Add donations made offline

Offline Donations reflect money that was raised outside of CrowdRise, such as in the form of cash or check. Although this money was not processed through CrowdRise, you still can reflect this contribution as an Offline Donation on your campaign so your amount raised on CrowdRise more accurately represents your total amount raised.


Learn more about how to add offline donations here.


Edit and Manage Fundraising Minimums*

If Fundraising minimums are set up on your campaign or within your registration, you can view and manage fundraising minimums from the Campaign Manager.

Fundmin Manager Expanded

Learn more about editing and managing fundraising minimums for your supporters by checking out our Fundraising Minimum Manager article.

*Fundraising Minimums are a Premium/Enterprise subscription feature only.


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