I have a charge on my credit card that I don't recognize. What should I do?

If you make a donation on CrowdRise, your credit card charge will display an abbreviation of the payment processor your beneficiary is on, either PayPal Giving Fund or WePay.

CrowdRise utilizes two payment processors, PayPal Giving Fund and WePay. The payment processor the charity is signed up with will affect how the charge appears on your credit card statement.

If the charge is from PayPal Giving Fund, it will normally show up on your bank statement as PAYPAL *GFM* PPGF

If the charge is from WePay, it will normally show up on your statement as WPY*CrowdRise. You can search here for information about a WePay charge you don't recognize.

What if the beneficiary named on my statement doesn't correspond to the charity I donated to?

Occasionally, an organization who does not have tax exempt status will formally partner with a 501c3 nonprofit, in what is referred to as a "fiscal sponsorship" to solicit donations.

This may mean that the beneficiary named on your bank statement does not match the name of the beneficiary on the campaign you made your donation to if the campaign used a fiscal sponsor to collect and disburse their funds. Your donation receipt should contain more details.

Please email us if you have any questions at all about who processed your donation or where a particular charge came from and help you determine the origin of the charge.