How do I use the Report Center?

The CrowdRise Report Center equips your nonprofit to leverage donor and fundraiser data to grow your fundraising programs

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What is the CrowdRise Report Center?

As a verified nonprofit on CrowdRise, you have access to a Report Center that provides comprehensive data on your fundraising efforts site-wide. These reports include:

  • Donation Report
  • Team Member Report- Detailed/Summary (i.e Fundraisers)
  • Registration/Ticketing Report- Attendee/Ticket/Order Summary
  • WePay Deposit Report (if signed up for WePay deposits)
  • Monthly Donations (i.e Recurring Donations)


Looking for information on the NEW CrowdRise Report Center?

We're in the midst of launching a new, more powerful tool to help you access your data. Check out more on it all in this article.


Strategic uses for the data in your Report Center

Your Report Center lends essential insight into your fundraising efforts. Take advantage of your Report Center data to:

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Grow your supporter base to reach new audiences- Isolate new donors or fundraisers and get them on your contact lists to keep them updated about your mission and garner support for future initiatives.


Engage donors and fundraisers from past events- Pull last year’s Team Member-Detailed Report or a Donation Report to reach out to everyone who participated last year and ask for their upcoming support. You may even consider rewarding top donors/fundraisers with a prize, matching them with a new/less successful fundraiser to share tips, or sending an email to showcase their work.


Donation receipts

Reconcile donation and deposit reports- Pull a Donation Report and filter by month to see exactly which donations should be included in which payout. The WePay Deposit report includes a Batch ID that will correspond to a column in the Donation Report to help you figure out which WePay deposit contained specific donations.

Optimized for Social Sharing

Determine Who’s Attending - Select a “Registration/Ticketing Report- Order Summary” to take a headcount of who is signed up, fundraising and planning on attending your live event.

Registration integrations

Integrate into your CRM- Download .csv files from the report center to then import into your organization’s CRM or Donor Management Software to keep track of every gift and donor.

Salesforce & CRM integrations

Premium/Enterprise subscribers- Ask your Senior Success Specialist about advanced CRM integrations via CrowdRise’s API like our Salesforce App.

Reach out to any fundraisers who are signed up but not yet “activated” or raising money to ask how you can support their efforts.


How to run a report

Access your charity-wide Report Center by:

  • Selecting “Reports” from the Main Menu dropdown
  • Clicking “Reports” on the top navigation bar
  • From a specific campaign in your Campaign Manager:

Report Center Access

Any of these paths will bring you to your Report Center.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 10.15.21 AM

From your Report Center, Select a Report Type from the first dropdown:

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 10.19.04 AM

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 10.22.23 AM

Next, Filter your Report by Campaign, and select a Date Range (or, leave “All Time”).

Click “Run Report,” then “Export Report” to download a .csv file with the full data. Otherwise, a preview of the data will show below.



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