How to thank your donors

Thank your supporters for making a donation to your campaign

Thanking your supporters is so important to building long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships. Using the Thanking Donors tool fosters a connection between your organization and those who support it, allowing you to send off a quick Thank-you just seconds after a donation is made. Thanking your donors in a timely manner also shows you’re responsive, grateful and invested in their support.

How to thank your donors

  1. Hover over your campaign tile in your Campaign Manager and select the “Manage” icon


2. From your Manage Campaign view, scroll down to your Activity Feed



3. Click on a donation

4. A window will appear where you can write your thank-you message




5. Once your message is complete, select “Send Message.” A preview of your message will appear above the message body:



6. Your donor recipient will receive your message as an email:




Tips for thanking donors

  • Use the Thanking Donors tool in conjunction with a more formal thank-you, such as an email or physical letter to connect with your donors at different times and emphasize the importance of their help.
  • You can customize the Thank You tool template in the Email Manager.
  • For more tips and best practices on Thanking your Donors, see this guide.




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