How to send a campaign update

Keep your supporters updated by composing a message that is automatically emailed to those who have previously donated to your campaign

By posting Campaign Updates, you keep your donors updated on progress, engaged in your campaign and excited about its outcome. We see that those who regularly use the Campaign Update tool see more returning donors and visitors to their campaigns. Using the Campaign Update tool at strategic times during your campaign-- such as halfway or close-to goal-- helps generate excitement and a sense of urgency to your donors.


How to Post a Campaign Update

Your Campaign Update tool is located under your Campaign Manage view.


  1. From your Campaign Manage view, locate the "Campaign Update" section
  2. Craft your message in the space provided


3. Click "Preview" to confirm that everything looks correct


4. Click "Publish" when you're ready to send your message to your supporters via email

5. The email will contain your image or video (if added), body text and two buttons to Donate or Share on Facebook.


Important notes on Campaign Updates

  • Your CrowdRise campaign update will post to your campaign page
  • Your update will automatically be emailed to all of those who have donated to your campaign
  • Your donors can opt out of receiving future campaign updates by following the link at the bottom of the campaign update email

Campaign Update Tips

1. Leverage photos and videos

Utilize powerful imagery to incite engagement with your campaign’s cause. We find that those who post campaign updates with video have a better conversion rate into donations. For more on the power of video, check out “Why you need to be doing campaign video updates” and “Videos Do’s and Don’ts.”

2. Report on the impact of donations

A great way to use the Campaign Update Tool is to inform your donors of how their money has been utilized so far. In other words, turn their dollars into tangible outcomes. For example, if your organization focuses on rescuing animals, you might want to update your donors by saying, “With your donations so far, you’ve helped feed and vaccinate 30 cats and dogs!” and include photos of the animals.


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