How to save and send your data

Save your preferences to revisit your Look at a later time



While exploring, you can save your work by saving a Look. This saves all of your choices for filters, Visualizations, fields, sorting, and so forth. Saving allows you to view the Look later or add it to a Dashboard.

Saving and sending are options for Premium and Enterprise plan nonprofit customers. If you’d like to learn more about upgrading, please check out our pricing page.

How to save a Look from an Explore

In the upper right of the Explore, click the gear.

Choose ‘Save as a Look’.


In Title, enter a new title. If you will be saving over an existing Look, leave this blank. In Description, you can enter a description of the Look. If you will be saving over an existing Look, leave this blank.


In Space, select the desired destination for your Look.

Nonprofits on a Premium subscription should save the Look to their personal space. Looks saved in this space are only visible to you, and you are the only one who can change them. Nonprofits on an Enterprise subscription have the ability to save to their personal space or to a charity or group space. Looks saved to the group space are visible to all other users with admin access to your CrowdRise account.

If you want to save over an existing Look, scroll down or use the Search this Space field to find and click the desired Look. The Look’s title and description (if any) appear in the Title and Description fields.

Save your Look. To save and return to the Explore page, click Save. To save and view your Look, click Save & View Look.





The Send option lets you send data once, directly from an Explore, Look, or Dashboard.

Click on the gear in the top right corner and then click Send.


Then, select how you would like the data to be formatted.


The Advanced options section provides additional customization when sending.


When you have selected all the options for your delivery, click the Send button to send your content.