How to register on CrowdRise

Follow these steps to quickly sign up to fundraise or purchase a ticket for the cause you care about most

1. Click the Register button

Clicking Register Button

2. Choose your ticket options

Register multiple people at once by clicking (+). Click Continue


Your ticket option may require you to raise a certain amount by the fundraising deadline. If a fundraising minimum is required, it will be noted on this initial screen. The full agreement will populate prior to checkout.


3. Fill out your Buyer information

The buyer is the person going through registration.


4. Fill out your Participant Information for every person you’re signing up

If the Buyer is also one of the Participants, you can click the box “Copy from Buyer Information” to easily have your name and email pre-populate.

Ticket 1 Sample

Required questions are marked with a red asterisk.

5. Choose your fundraising options

Choose whether you would like to Fundraise as Team or as an Individual. If you choose Team, select whether you’d like to join a pre-existing team or create a new team. Be sure to add a campaign name in order to complete fundraiser setup.

Fundraising Options Reg

* If you’re signing up multiple people at once and they each need their own fundraising page, provide a unique email address for each participant. If you provide the same email address for everyone, you will only receive one fundraising page under that CrowdRise account.

6. Enter your payment information.

One coupon code may be used during checkout to discount or remove your registration fee. The coupon code will be applied to the most expensive ticket in your cart.

Checkout Screen Reg

If a fundraising minimum is linked to your ticket option, you will have the option to authorize it on this screen.

Fundraising Minimum Agreement-2

7. Access and edit your fundraiser

On the confirmation page, click Go to Campaign to customize your page with your own images, goal, and story text.



If email addresses were provided for participants, they will receive an Accept Fundraiser email from CrowdRise to publish and access their campaign page. You (the Buyer) will also receive the registration confirmation email.

8. Share your unique campaign URL with everyone you know

Check out our best practices on how to spread the word about your campaign:


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