How to edit and manage campaign buttons

Customize up to four buttons on a Multiple-teams or Registration/Ticketing campaign that display across your event banner.

Button management allows the campaign organizer to edit, remove, and add custom buttons that populate on the campaign banner image. Customize the text on the Donate, Join Campaign and/or Register buttons on your Multiple-teams or Registration/Ticketing campaign.


Button management is reserved for nonprofits on our Premium or Enterprise subscriptions.

Why customize buttons on your campaign?

Customize your buttons to create specific calls-to-action that are related to your cause or campaign. Button Management allows you to tailor your language so that your supporters understand which action(s) to take when they land your campaign page.

How to access button manager

  1. From your Campaign Manager, click on the Edit icon
  2. Click Edit on the Campaign card
  3. Select the Content tab
  4. Click the Header section
  5. Scroll down to Buttons

How to customize buttons

Rearrange the order in which buttons appear

  • Click the 3 lines and drag to move

Edit existing buttons

  • Click the pencil icon to edit an existing button

Add a new button

  • Click the “+” button to add a new button

Remove buttons by dragging them to the Hidden section

  • Drag out of the Hidden section at any time to make buttons visible

Select a Featured button

  • Select a "Featured" button that will also display in the top right hand corner of your campaign bar by clicking the star icon


Further customize your buttons by choosing whether the color will be filled or outlined.


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