How do I join a team?

Join a team on a standard or multiple teams campaign with the click of a button to begin fundraising.

Joining a campaign's team will allow you to participate in fundraising. You will receive your own fundraising page with a unique URL so you can personalize the page and share it with your network.

How to join a Standard campaign

Follow the steps below to join a standard fundraising campaign:

  1. Go to the campaign you’d like to join

2. Click the “Join the Team & Create Your Own Fundraiser” button.


3. Log in or create an account

4. Accept the prompt


How to join a Multiple teams campaign

Follow the steps below to set up your campaign on a Multiple teams campaign:

  1. Click the Join the Campaign button

2. Select “Join a Team” if you would like to join an existing team, or, “Create Your Own Team” if you would like to lead a team of your own.


a. Join a Team: Select the team you would like to join and click the “Join the Team & Create Your Own Fundraiser” button. Accept the prompt.

b. Create Your Own Team: Follow the prompts to set a team title, photos and story. Your team will display on the event’s leaderboard:


After you join or create a fundraising team, you may then customize your campaign under Campaign Manager > Edit.


Q. Do I need an account to join a team?

A. Yes, you need to be logged in to create or join a team. If you do not already have an account, you must create one in order to complete your campaign set-up.

Q. I don’t see a “join campaign” or "join the team" button. Why?

A. You may need to register in order to fundraise (if there is registration on the campaign). Or, the campaign organizer turned off the ability to join the team. If you believe this was in error, please contact the event organizer.