How to get started with the new Report Center

An overview of how to access and navigate the data related to your donors and campaigns on CrowdRise

We’re so excited to share the new CrowdRise Report Center with you! Access to your CrowdRise data allows you to understand how your supporters are engaging with your campaigns. Our new analytic and management tools give you the ability to ask new questions and make informed, data-driven decisions.




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Strategic uses for the data in your Report Center

Your Report Center lends essential insight into your fundraising efforts. Take advantage of your Report Center data to:


Data & reporting-2

Grow your supporter base to reach new audiences- Isolate new donors or fundraisers and get them on your contact lists to keep them updated about your mission and garner support for future initiatives.



Engage donors and fundraisers from past events- Pull last year’s Fundraising Teams Report or a Transaction Report to reach out to everyone who participated last year and ask for their upcoming support. You may even consider matching them with a new/less successful fundraiser to share tips, or sending an email to showcase their work.


Donation receipts

Reconcile donations and deposits - Pull a Transaction Report filtered by month to see exactly which donations should be included in which payout. This report includes WePay batch IDs to help you figure out which specific donations were contained in each WePay deposit. 


Optimized for Social Sharing

Determine Who’s Attending - Select a “Registration & Ticketing Report” to take a headcount of who is signed up, fundraising and planning on attending your live event. 


Registration integrations

Integrate into your CRM- Download CSV, XLS, or PDF files from the report center to import into your organization’s CRM or Donor Management Software to keep track of every gift and donor.