How to edit Fundraising Minimums in legacy

If your team is linked to a legacy-style campaign, follow these instructions to edit and manage Fundraising Minimums using a link in the Activity Feed

For some campaigns, you'll need to follow the instructions below to add, edit, and manage Fundraising minimums. In these instances, follow the instructions below:

Click Manage


Scroll down to the Activity Feed and then on Fundraisers. Then click the Fundraising Minimums link.


This will take you to the Fundraising Minimum Manager.


To set up a Fundraising Minimum for all individuals who join your team, click Setup Fundraising Minimums on the left panel of the screen.


Add in the minimum amount and deadline and Save Changes. Click the box if you would like your Fundraising Minimum to be required. If this box is not selected, agreeing to the Fundraising Minimum and adding a credit card will be optional.


Back in the Manager, click the Edit pencil on the right side of the panel to make changes to existing Minimums for your team. You can extend the deadline or lower the amount. Increasing the amount or shortening the amount of time individuals have to raise the amount will require a reauthorization.


Be sure to click Save on any changes.


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