How to edit and manage fundraising minimums

Review, edit, and remove fundraising minimums for members of your team

If you've added fundraising minimums to your campaign, you'll have the ability to view and manage fundraising minimums from the Campaign Manager. If a fundraiser has dropped out of your campaign, or you'd like to extend the deadline for your team or a specific member, follow the instructions below.




Fundraising Minimum Manager


Your team will populate in your Fundraising Minimum Manager, where you can use the dropdown to filter your team into various groups. To make changes to multiple fundraisers at once, click on the checkbox next to the users’ names when the manager is minimized.



Minimum Manager


Click Export to download a CSV file with your team’s fundraising minimum information.


Fundraising Minimum Filter


Click on the "+" sign to expand the manager for a specific team member.


Fundmin Manager Expanded



Click Cancel All Minimums to remove the fundraising minimum and any associated checkpoints for your team.


Reauthorize FundMin


If you need to increase the minimum amount, your fundraisers will have to reauthorize the fundraising minimum. Taking this action will delete the original authorization and require that your fundraisers reauthorize with their credit card.


You can also add a Fundraising Minimum for an individual after they have joined your team. The participant will be prompted to authorize the minimum the next time they log in to their fundraising page.

From the Fundraising Minimum Manager click Add New Participant.



Then select the Team and Team Member to whom you would like to assign the Fundraising Minimum. Add the amount and deadline.




Be sure to click Save after making any edits.



Other Important Notes


1. Changes to fundraising minimums do not occur retroactively

Any changes made when editing your campaign will not affect any participant who has already agreed to a fundraising minimum. To make changes to fundraising minimums who have already authorized, go to the Fundraising Minimum Manager and edit each participant individually.


2. Date and time of fundraising minimum charge

The actual date/time a fundraising minimum charges is the following day on or about 3am PST (6am EST). Example: If a fundraising minimum is set to fire on 4/5/2019, the credit card will be charged on 4/6/2019 at 3am PST (6am EST).


3. Offline Donations

By default, offline donations do count towards fundraising minimums. If you are concerned about the authenticity of any offline donations, you may disable the ability for your team members or participants to enter their own offline donations under the Edit tab of your campaign.


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