How to download a Report

Click the Gear to download your data as it appears in the data table or with Visualization options applied

There are a few different ways to download your data. These options correspond with the way your data shows in the dashboard.





Download the data as it appears in the data table

Downloading the data as it shows in the data table is the most comprehensive and best way to get the full data set.

Hover over the three-dot-menu on the top right side of the data window and click Download Data.



Then, choose how you would like your data. For the full data set with all columns populated, selected ‘As displayed in the data table.’


as displayed in data table


Selecting ‘With Visualization options applied’ will download only what appears on your screen in the Visualization.


with visualizations applied


Your data will populate in your downloads folder once the download is complete. Downloads that contain more information may take longer to appear.

Download the data included in all Visualizations

You may also download information relevant to the specific Visualizations included in the Dashboard.

To download data included in all Visualizations, click either of the 2 download options from the gear on the right side. If you’re hoping to interact with the data or pull it into a Google sheet or Excel file, download as a CSV.




Reports downloaded from the gear will download as a zip file and include 5 separate files.





Download the data included in a single Visualization

If you would like to download data included in a specific Visualization, such as Average Donation Amounts or Net Donations, hover over that Visualization until the three-dot-menu appears. Then, click Download Data.