How to configure CrowdRise Registration tax variability settings

Set the correct monetary amount supporters can deduct from their taxes when completing a registration transaction.

What is tax variability?

Nonprofits are required to provide the appropriate level of transparency and receipting to their supporters around the deductibility of their contributions. If you’re utilizing CrowdRise Registration/Ticketing to collect fees or donations and WePay* is your payment processor, you’ll have the ability to identify the deductible portion of the cost of a ticket so your supporters can deduct the appropriate amount for tax purposes.


*Tax variability is limited to nonprofits using WePay as a payment processor and is not available for nonprofits using PayPal Giving Fund as a payment processor, since PPGF is a Donor Advised Fund and only processes donations that are 100% tax deductible. If you’d like to sign up for WePay in order to leverage tax variability, Click Here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have any questions about whether the ticket option you’re adding is tax-deductible, or how much of your ticket should be tax deductible, please consult a tax professional.


How does it work?

When adding a ticket option to Registration, the campaign organizer can set the deductible amount by a dollar amount of the ticket cost, or a percentage of the ticket cost at any amount between 0-100% of the ticket cost.


Once updated, the tax deductibility of all purchased tickets is itemized in the "Charitable Tax Deduction" section of the registration confirmation email.


Note: Non-charity users will not see the Tax Deductibility settings.

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