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How to add form questions to your registration/ticketing

Collect information from your supporters as they sign up for your campaign

Form questions allow you to get to know your supporters better by asking them questions during the registration process. First Name, Last Name and Email Address are required fields for all participants and will be automatically included in registration reporting.

To add additional questions, select “Form Questions” from the sidebar to specify what additional information you want to receive from your registrants.

For example:

  • Please list your emergency contact name
  • Would you like to subscribe to our mailing list?
  • How did you hear about this event?


Buyer and Participant Questions

Form questions are divided into two types, based on whom they are presented to:

  1. Buyer questions
  2. Participant questions

Buyer Questions

Questions that are presented to the person completing the transaction or purchasing the tickets. Buyer Questions will only apply to the person going through the transaction.


Participant Questions

Questions that can be asked on behalf of additional participants related to the ticket type. For example, if a family of 4 is registering and the parent is the Buyer, Participant Questions might ask the names and ages of each child.

Most questions should be added as Participant questions to be sure you can get information on every person who will be a part of your campaign.

When adding Participant questions, select the ticket option that you'd like the question to apply to.


*Note: Essential nonprofits are limited to two additional buyer questions. Participant Questions are only available to Premium and Enterprise subscribers. For more information on pricing, visit our pricing page.


*Note: If you’d like to ensure that participant questions are presented to all participants, you must also add group registration with a minimum and maximum of 1. Add group registration by clicking into Advanced Settings on the ticket option to which the question will apply.



How to add Form Questions

1. Select the type of response you wish your registrant to provide from the dropdown (see below for more info)

2. Add the answers in the space below

3. Click the “+” sign to add additional response options.

4. Click Save


  • Check whether or not a response is required to complete registration on the right side of each question.
  • Be sure to add your form questions in the order that you would like them to appear, as you are unable to reorder them once they have been added.


Choose Form Field Types


From the dropdown, select the best format to fit your question type:



Checkbox with Text




Radio Buttons







Be sure to click Save once you’re done adding questions. When you’ve successfully added them, the 'Save' button will flash to 'Success'.


View responses to your form questions

Responses to all form questions (Buyer and Participant) will populate in the Registration/Ticketing Report- Attendee for each campaign.


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