How do I set up or cancel a monthly recurring donation?

Recurring donations are great ways to support your favorite nonprofits each month. You can set up a recurring gift by donating through a nonprofit's profile page or campaign, and cancel your recurring gift in your Report Center.

How to set up a monthly recurring donation

CrowdRise offers monthly recurring donations to any nonprofit on the site.

To set up a monthly recurring donation, head to the nonprofit's profile page or campaign page, select the "Donate" button and then select the "Monthly" option when you choose a donation amount. After you select this and finish the checkout process, your card will be billed monthly for the amount you have selected.

recurring donation

How to cancel a monthly recurring donation

If you have a recurring donation you need to cancel, Log In to your account and go to your Account Dashboard. From here, select "Monthly Donations" and you’ll see a list of your recurring donations with a button next to each to "Cancel."



Recurring Charges on your Bank Statement

Your monthly charge on your credit card statement will reflect the payment processor that your beneficiary has selected. You can check out our payment processors Here.

Please note that the payment processor may change at the discretion of the beneficiary, which may affect how the charge appears on your statement.