How do I issue a refund to a donor?

If you are a nonprofit, you may refund a donor by reaching out to us (if donation was made through PayPal Giving Fund) or, via your account's Report Center (if donation was made through WePay).

If you are a nonprofit on our default payment processor, PayPal Giving Fund, who would like to refund a donation, email us with the donor's name and email address, plus the date and amount of the donation.

Note: PayPal donations are only able to be refunded prior to their disbursement to the beneficiary.

If a donor requesting a refund for a donation that you've already received from PayPal, or the refund window has passed, the refund will need to be handled outside of CrowdRise.

If you are a nonprofit on WePay who would like to refund a donation to a donor, you can issue refunds through your account's Report Center. Simply log in, locate the appropriate donation, and click the REFUND button. The donor will receive a confirmation email right away and funds within 3-5 business days.

Donations processed by WePay are able to be refunded via this method up to 90 days after the donation date. Donations older than 90 days may still be able to be refunded but WePay may need to be contacted directly to complete the transaction.

Nonprofits are always welcome to refund donors outside of CrowdRise, via their own accounting methods.

Please note that issuing a refund for any contribution will automatically void the donor's original receipt. A refund receipt will be issued.