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How do I claim my nonprofit account?

1. To gain access to your nonprofit account on CrowdRise, please Click Here. If you have an official email address through your nonprofit, that will be the best one to use here. Be sure to use an email and phone number where we can really reach you.

2. Next, search for your nonprofit by name or by EIN/Tax ID (US) or BRN (CA).

3. Locate your nonprofit in the list, hover over it and click the "Claim Nonprofit" button. If you don't find it on the list, click "Can't find your charity?" below to ask how to get added to the platform.

4. In order to protect your organization's privacy and security, we'll need to verify your involvement with the nonprofit before giving you full access to the account. If you claim with your official organization email address, this will make the vetting process much faster.

5. Once we verify your role, you'll receive an email with your super secret Pin Number. The pin# is needed to gain access to your full Report Center features, and to switch your payment partner to WePay if you choose to do so.