How to add Multiple Teams to a campaign

Add Multiple Teams to your campaign to allow your supporters to fundraise in groups

Why should I add multiple teams to my campaign?

Adding Multiple Teams to your campaign allows your supporters to fundraise in groups. Once added, your campaign page will now be able to support groups of individuals (teams!) and your campaign page will have a new look and feel designed to complement team fundraising.


Adding Multiple Teams is ideal for cases when you’d like to encourage your supporters to reach out to their own networks to form groups within your campaign. Multiple teams are perfect for accommodating registration and ticketed events, allowing groups like families, relay teams, or tables in a gala to fundraise together.


How do I add multiple teams to my campaign?

To add Multiple Teams, click on the Multiple Teams card in your Campaign Editor.

Multiple Teams Card

Click “Save & Continue"

Multiple Teams Lightbox

Once Multiple Teams are added, you’ll have the ability to set default content, design, and settings for the teams that are created as a part of your campaign, as well as send invitations to potential new team organizers. For more on customizing your Multiple Teams campaign, click Here.

Note: You cannot add multiple teams if a donation has already been made to your campaign. To avoid this, please refrain from publishing your campaign before you finish configuring its settings.