How do I add badges to the leaderboard?

Learn how to acknowledge teams participating in your campaign by adding customizable badges that populate on your leaderboard for teams of your choosing

What is a badge? 

Badges allows campaign organizers to flag teams on their campaign with particular designations based on status or achievements. For example an organizer may want to flag teams that are sponsors, or those who have reached certain goals. 


A small image can be uploaded by the campaign organizer for campaigns who have selected a card-style leaderboard.  The badge will then populate on the card of the select teams when it appears on the multi-team campaign. 




How to add a badge to a team


  1. Login and click on the Edit card from the Campaign Editor 
  2. In the Content tab, scroll down and expand the Leaderboard section
  3. Select ‘Cards’ as the Style
  4. Scroll down to ‘Badges’ and click ‘Add Badge’ 
  5. Fill in the details of the badge 
  6. Click Next to Preview
  7. Save 





Add badges as needed and find your unique icon placed on their team card on the leaderboard: