How do I set up Registration/Ticketing on my campaign?

Require your supporters to provide additional information or purchase tickets when joining your campaign.


Adding Registration and Ticketing to your existing CrowdRise campaign helps you collect additional information or charge a fee to your participants in advance of your event. By providing an all-in-one solution, your supporters can create a fundraiser and join the team as a part of the registration flow. Adding Registration and Ticketing is a perfect solution for your next 5K, Golf event, or gala.

Getting Started

To begin, go to your Campaign Manager and click the “Edit” icon. Locate the “Registration & Ticketing” Card then click the ‘Add Registration’ button. Toggle “NEW! CrowdRise Registration & Ticketing.”

Your campaign design will change when registration/ticketing is added.

Registration New Look


Customize your Registration and Ticketing flow Settings

Registration Active

Select the date and times when you would like the Register button to be removed from your campaign.

Registration Active

Registration Required

This toggle removes the “Join Campaign” button from your campaign landing page. This prevents participants from creating a fundraising page without registering first.

Accept Donations in Registration

Toggle ON to allow registrants to add an additional donation to their transaction at checkout. Once enabled, select the preset amounts and determine whether or not donors will have the option to cover fees.

Allow Donations Outside of Registration

Toggle ON to allow those who do not register to make a donation.



Tip: We recommend allowing donations to be made outside of registration in order to provide your supporters with as many opportunities as possible to give to your campaign.

Event Details

Event Details, such as date and event description, will transfer to your registration Event Description. This information will also appear on your campaign and in the registration flow.


  • Adding a location will create a Google maps link to your event’s location.
  • Provide more info about your event in the Event Description section. Include formatting and hyperlinks when needed.
  • The event banner should be larger than 1440x330 pixels.
  • The event banner will appear in the registration flow and at the top of the registration confirmation email.


Tip: Solid colors or a plain pattern are recommended as a banner images to keep emphasis on the registration options.


Ticket Options


Select “Ticket Options” on the left hand sidebar, then add each of your registration/ticketing options e.g 5k Runner, 5k Walker, Volunteer, etc.

Quantity refers to the total number of available slots or tickets you have to offer. Once this quantity has been reached, this option will be marked as “Sold Out” on your registration page.

Note: Quantity value is the total amount of tickets you have, not the total number of tickets someone can purchase in a transaction.

-If your registration shows "sold out," most likely it is because you did not put enough tickets in the Quantity field for a transaction to take place.

Add the price that corresponds to each ticket option. This amount will be processed as a donation and the registrant will receive a registration email confirmation at the end of the transaction. For free options, enter $0.

*Note: Essential Accounts are limited to 3 ticket options.


Click on the “gear” icon to access the Advanced Settings for your Ticket Options.

Under Advanced Settings, add a Ticket Description and start and end dates. If you’ve enabled Group Registration and/or Fundraising, customize each ticket type in the fields beneath.

End Date: Registration will turn off at 11:59pm on the date selected, meaning registration will be open through the entire End Date day.

If you wish to extend registration after the date passes, you are able to edit and reopen registration by simply changing the End Date.


Tip: If you have variable ticket prices (e.g. Early-bird), you may enter date ranges that correspond with different prices.


Apply Ticket Cost as Donation

If fundraising is on and your ticket price is more than $0, you have the ability to apply the cost of the ticket to the registrant's campaign in the form of a donation. Tax deductibility of the ticket must be 100%.


In addition:

  • If your supporter purchases two tickets with "Apply Ticket Cost as Donation" setting ON, one for $10 and one for $15, the total amount credited to his fundraising page will be $25.
  • If your supporter purchases a $10 ticket and uses a $5-off promo code, a $5 donation will be applied to his fundraising page


Enable Group Registration

Group Registration enables multiple participants to register on the same ticket. Enabling Group Registration allows the registrant to provide information for each participant on that ticket. This feature may be used to collect information for:

  • A Family pass
  • A Gala table
  • A Relay team
  • And more!

Group Registration

While a user can choose to add more than one of each ticket type to their cart, enabling Group Registration allows you to collect information from all participants rather than just the individual purchasing the tickets (the Buyer).

Once enabled in Event Details, Group Registration is activated by configuring the Participant Min/Max on each specific ticket option.

Important Note: In most cases, we recommend setting the Group Registration Min/Max at 1:1. This will make it so 1 ticket = 1 participant. This also ensures you receive the all necessary information for each participant.

*Group Registration is currently a Premium/Enterprise subscription feature only.


Tax Deductibility

Tax Deductibility allows you to determine how much of a ticket price is tax deductible for the buyer. Set the deductible amount by a dollar amount of the ticket cost, or a percentage of the ticket cost at any amount between 0-100%.

Once updated, the tax deductibility of all purchased tickets is itemized in the "Charitable Tax Deduction" section of the registration confirmation email.


Learn more about leveraging this feature Here.


Enable Fundraising

Toggle Fundraising on to enable registrants to create a campaign page during their registration transaction. Complete setup by customizing the fundraising options for each ticket type under Ticket Options.

If fundraising is required, a registrant must launch a fundraising campaign to complete their transaction.

Important Note: You must require fundraising on ticket options when you want all participants to create fundraising pages. We recommend requiring fundraising to ensure the most amount of participants launch campaigns.

  • Join Team: Participant joins an existing Fundraising team on campaign
  • Create Team: Participant creates a new fundraising team
  • Fundraise as an Individual: Participant creates a new fundraising team as a single person, which others cannot join

Registration Fundraising Options

Note: If you have Fundraising Minimums, you must require fundraising. This ensures every participant has a fundraising page that is tied to their fundraising minimum requirement.


Enable Fundraising Minimums

Adding a fundraising minimum to your registration will require those registering for your campaign to agree to raise a certain amount by a deadline of your choosing.


To add a fundraising minimum to a Ticket Option, toggle Fundraising on, then select “Require Fundraising Minimums.” Add checkpoints to create milestones prior to your final deadline.

Note: If you want every registrant registering for this ticket type to agree to a Fundraising Minimum, you must also toggle “Require Fundraising.”

To learn more about fundraising minimums, click Here.


Buyer Covers Fees

Enabling “Buyer Covers Fees” on a ticket allows the buyer to cover the purchase fees on their registration price at checkout. This means that the buyer’s entire contribution will go to the benefitting nonprofit. Buyers have the option to toggle whether or not they wish to cover the fees in their transaction.


Users will see the following option presented at checkout:



Generate PDF Tickets

Toggling “Generate PDF Tickets” will provide the buyer with a downloadable ticket and emailed ticket following their transaction.

Enable this option if you have event check in or wish your participants to have physical confirmation of their registration.


Example ticket:



Form Questions

Form questions allow you to get to know your supporters better by asking questions during the registration process.

Buyer Questions refer to what information you wish to ask the purchaser/ individual who is completing the transaction.

Participant Questions allow you to collect information about additional participants, if applicable, e.g if a family of 4 is registering, the Participant Questions might ask the names and ages of each child.

Note: First Name, Last Name and Email Address are required fields for all participants.


The “buyer” and the “participant” may be the same in some cases, e.g. when a single person is buying a ticket and participating in the event.

Select “Form Questions” from the sidebar to specify what additional information you want to receive from your registrants. For example:

  • Please list your emergency contact name
  • Would you like to subscribe to our mailing list?
  • How did you hear about this event?

Be sure to order your form questions correctly, as you are unable to reorder them once they have been added.

*Note: Essential accounts are limited to two additional buyer questions. Participant Questions are only available to Premium and Enterprise subscribers.

Add Form Question Options


1. Select the type of response you wish your registrant to provide from the dropdown (e.g radio buttons, checkbox, etc)

2. Add the answers in the space below

3. Click the “+” sign to add additional response options.

Responses to all form questions (Buyer and Attendee) will populate in the Registration/Ticketing Report- Attendee for each campaign.

*Note: If you’d like to ensure that form questions are presented to all participants, be sure to enable group registration with a minimum and maximum of 1.


Tip: Check whether or not a response is required to complete registration on the right side of each question.


Promo Codes

Promo codes allow you to apply discounts to certain ticket options, making it easy to set options like early bird pricing and discounts.

Note: Promo codes will be automatically applied to the most expensive ticket at checkout. A Promo code will apply to one ticket in the cart, only.

Registration Promo Code

Discount amount - Apply discount by dollar amount or percentage of total ticket price.

Promo code uses - Allow a limited number of registrants to use the code, or open it up to unlimited uses.

Start and end times - Set a time frame in which your promo codes will be valid.

Select ticket options - Select the ticket options you would like promo codes to be valid for.



Many events, like runs and walks, require Waivers from participants in order to participate.

To include a waiver, click the “Waivers” icon on the left hand column and select the “+” sign. Enter a Waiver name, then select the “+” sign to upload a pdf document.

Agreement to waivers are required fields in registration, located underneath “fundraising options.” Each participant must agree in order to complete his/her transaction at checkout.



Tip: You may include more than one Waiver by clicking the “+” sign at the bottom of the page.


Confirmation Emails

Once a user has completed registration, 1-2 emails will be automatically sent to the email address used to register. The user will receive:

  1. A Registration Confirmation email including ticket summary and order number.

Registration Order Confirmation

Premium and Enterprise nonprofits have the ability to customize parts of this confirmation email. To learn more, check out How to customize campaign emails.


2. An Accept Fundraiser email to access and publish a campaign (if fundraising was enabled and the user chose to create a campaign).


  • Important Note: The recipient of the Accept Fundraiser email must click "accept" in order to access and publish their fundraiser. Otherwise, the campaign will remain unpublished and invisible to external users.


Leverage Registration and Ticketing Reports

An advantage to using CrowdRise registration is that all information collected in the registration process will be recorded in your Report Center.

Access the Report Center from your Navigation Panel, your Main Menu or in your Campaign Manager.

Registration Report Types-392538-edited


Add Registration/Ticketing to Team Fundraisers

Want to empower your teams to add Registration/Ticketing as a part of your campaign? Click on the Multiple Teams card then the Settings tab to toggle this option on.

Team Registration

By enabling this setting, your Team Organizers are able to add a Registration/Ticketing component to their campaign. This allows for their team members to join the team via registration.

For example: If you're running an event series (e.g. 5K Fun Runs) with multiple locations and event days, each Team Organizer could add a Registration for their team that is specific for their event time and date (e.g "Detroit, MI August 16th Fun Run").