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CrowdRise + Mailchimp Integration

Learn how to bring info on your supporters from CrowdRise into your existing Mailchimp account to make it easier than ever to email about your cause.

What the integration with Mailchimp does 

The integration with Mailchimp allows nonprofits to import information about their supporters from CrowdRise directly into a Mailchimp account. Once in Mailchimp, nonprofits can leverage the advanced email marketing tools offered by Mailchimp to reach out to their supporters and achieve their campaign and overall fundraising goals. 


Information from CrowdRise that can be imported into Mailchimp includes: 

  • General biographical information:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Address 1
    • Address 2
    • City
    • Region/State
    • Country
    • Zip
  • Supporter data:
    • Supporter type
      • Donor
      • Recurring Donor
      • Fundraisers
      • Team Organizers
      • Campaign Organizers
      • Buyers
      • Participants
  • Addition information for donors:
    • Charity / Affiliates Name
    • EIN
    • UTM1
    • UTM2
    • Campaign Partner Account Code
    • Team Partner Account Code

How to integrate CrowdRise with Mailchimp

  1. Be sure that you create a Mailchimp account and login  
  2. Login to your CrowdRise account 
  3. From the dropdown in the top right corner, click Account 
  4. Select Integrations
  5. Click ‘Authorize Sync’ to connect to your Mailchimp account 
  6. Choose the list from the dropdown where you would like your supporter info to be added 
  7. Save your preferences

sync your supporters list with Mailchimp

Once complete, you’ll see your CrowdRise data in the list you created. From here, use the tools in Mailchimp to create and send your emails. For more information on how to use Mailchimp, check out the Mailchimp help center. 



Can I connect to Mailchimp using a human CrowdRise account? 

The integration with Mailchimp is only available to users with a CrowdRise nonprofit account. Read on to learn more about how to claim your nonprofit on CrowdRise. 


How long does it take my data to sync? 

Once you set up the integration for the first time, CrowdRise will automatically “backfill” your previous data into Mailchimp within one week, so you can begin mapping all of the data that was previously recorded.


Why does my account show ‘Data Error’ under my Mailchimp integration? 

It is possible that an error has occurred at some point during the syncing process. This often happens when you have deleted a list in Mailchimp that you are using for your integration with CrowdRise. To fix it, select a new list in CrowdRise where you would like to sync your data.


Who should I reach out to with my Mailchimp integration question? 

If you’re wondering how to setup the integration and have further questions about how to implement on CrowdRise, please Contact Us. If your question pertains to how your data has populated in Mailchimp or how to leverage Mailchimp functionality, you can reach out to