Glossary of terms in the new Report Center

A list of the most important terms you'll need to understand the new Report Center


a starting point to query, edit, sort, and drill into data within a Look before downloading


a report, prior to downloading (ex. explore a Look to find the data you need, then download the Look as a CSV)


an interactive collection of Looks, arranged as tiles


Refreshing data once an input has been adjusted; formerly "run report" in legacy report center


Exporting a Look to a document (CSV, XLS, PDF, etc); formerly "export report" in legacy report center


Used to restrict the data that is displayed in a Look by a defined set of dimensions

Dimensions (field)

Fields which can be used to filter query results; available data points in a Look

Measures (field)

A field in a Look that uses a SQL aggregate function, such as COUNT, SUM, AVG, MIN, or MAX


The way your data is represted live preview of your Look with all hidden fields, chart, formatting applied; updates when Run is clicked

Data table

raw data from your query, based on the filters applied to the Look


this is how you'll access Explore & Download; appears in upper right corner of any Look