How do I keep track of my fundraisers' progress?

View fundraiser progress and message your supporters with tools in the Campaign Manager.


Under the Campaign Manager, you have access to a number of tools to help you, the campaign organizer, connect further with your supporters and garner support for your cause.

The Activity Feed

The Activity Feed displays donations in chronological order and fundraising milestones (e.g Campaign created, 50% to goal, etc).



Tip: Keep track of your fundraising progress by referring back to your Activity Feed.



Additional tools to manage your Teams and Fundraisers

Beside the Activity Feed, you have 1-2 additional tabs that display all Fundraisers (individuals fundraising on your campaign) and/or Teams (groups of individuals fundraising on your campaign, if you have Multiple Teams enabled).

Fundraiser Options

If you click on a Fundraiser, a menu will appear that allows you to take additional actions for this individual.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 2.24.01 PM

From this view, you can see basic information about this individual’s campaign including:

  • Owner’s name
  • Dollars raised
  • Goal
  • Date of campaign creation

Click the Message Fundraiser button to populate a text box. Enter a message to this individual and send an email directly to him/her.


Tip: Directly message fundraisers when they first join your campaign, if they have not raised any money yet or when they’re approaching their goal.


You may also mark this fundraiser as “Official,” or, choose to “Hide” the fundraiser from your campaign altogether.


Tip: Mark a fundraiser as Official if they are, for instance, an official charity runner, elite fundraiser or sponsor. By marking as official, this individual will have a special designation in your Fundraiser Report - Detailed.

Toggle over to Offline Donations to attribute dollars raised outside of CrowdRise to this fundraiser.

Team Options

Toggle to the Teams tab (this is available if you have Multiple Teams enabled from your Campaign Editor).


If you click on a Team, a menu will appear that allows you to take additional actions for this team.

Similar to the Fundraisers window, the Team window displays tools to communicate and manage your campaign’s teams. If you have multiple team members, you have the ability to message all fundraisers within that team by clicking the Message Entire Team button.


Toggle to the Fundraisers tab within the Team window to show a display of all individual fundraisers who make up the team:


Finally, go to the Offline Donations tab to attribute offline gifts to the team and/or an individual within that team.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 9.58.16 AM

Note: The team organizer is the default recipient of offline donations. Make sure to select the correct team member in the dropdown if there are more than one members on a team.

With these additional tools, you are able to connect with your supporters and foster engagement with groups and individuals participating in your campaign.