How do I enroll in PayPal Giving Fund?

Enroll in PPGF for greater visibility and quicker access to your funds

PayPal Giving Fund is the default payment partner for CrowdRise.

Enrolling with PayPal Giving Fund as a Certified Charity will allow nonprofits to receive payouts electronically, around the 25th of every month.

If you are not affiliated with nonprofit, or if you take no action, PayPal Giving Fund will reach out to the organization separately to help them enroll and receive the funds. Choosing not to enroll will result in funds being disbursed via check, but the disbursement dates cannot be guaranteed.

How to enroll in PayPal Giving Fund

If you are affiliated with the nonprofit and have access to their banking details, please follow these steps to enroll with PayPal Giving Fund:

1. Create a PayPal business account or make sure that an existing PayPal account is upgraded to a business account Here. Be sure to select "Charitable and Social Service Organization" in order to successfully enroll.


2. Confirm the organization's status Here. PayPal will process this request within three business days and confirm by email when it’s complete.


3. Enroll in PayPal Giving Fund as a Certified Charity


PayPal Giving Fund is the receiving charity of record for any donation made through its programs. PayPal Giving Fund then attempts to make a grant to the charity recommended when the donation is made. Whether a charity is enrolled in PayPal Giving Fund determines the method and speed at which funds are granted. Pending distribution of grants, PayPal Giving Fund holds all donations in a secure, non-interest bearing bank account.

PPGF ensures all charities have met the eligibility requirements in the Nonprofit Certification Policy before including them in their programs. You can learn more about how PPGF grants funds to enrolled and unenrolled charities by reviewing the Donation Delivery Policy.


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