How do I end a campaign?

All campaigns can accept donations continually unless the donate button is turned off. You do not need to 'end' or close your campaign once your organization has completed its fundraising efforts.

All campaigns created on CrowdRise remain active and open to donations unless the donate button is turned off by the campaign organizer. How you receive your fundraised donations depends on which payment processor you have elected and is not dependent on the “end” of your campaign or any time that has elapsed since you published your campaign.

Unless it will interfere with your organization's accounting, campaign management or otherwise, we recommend keeping the donate button active in the event that someone stumbles on your campaign after your intended fundraising window has passed. That being said, if you wish to mark of the end of your campaign, see the three options below:

1. Indicate Campaign End in Story Section

If you wish to leave your Donate Button on but want to indicate that the campaign is over, we recommend editing your Story text to reflect this.

  1. In the Campaign Editor, click the Content tab
  2. Scroll to the Story section
  3. Edit your campaign’s Story in the space provided



Tip: If you have a more current campaign running, provide the URL to the new campaign in the old campaign’s Story section.

2. Post a Campaign Update

Similar to editing your campaign Story, you may also wish to send a Campaign Update to all donors on your campaign to inform them of the end of the campaign.

  1. From your Campaign Manage view, locate the "Campaign Update" section
  2. Craft your message, including a title, in the space provided
  3. Click "Preview" to confirm that everything looks correct
  4. Click "Publish" when you're ready to send your message to all of your campaign donors via email


3. Remove the Donate Button

Although we recommend leaving your Donate Button on so that your nonprofit can accept donations beyond the campaign’s official end date, you may elect to remove your Donate Button to stop receiving donations. You may disable the donate button immediately, or schedule it to happen automatically at a later date.

  1. Hover over the campaign in your Campaign Manager and click the edit icon
  2. Click on the Edit card
  3. In the Campaign Editor, click the settings tab, then toggle the ‘Disable Donate Button’
  4. Choose if you’d like the donate button to shut off now, or set a future shutoff date
  5. Click 'Save’ to confirm
  6. If you set a future date for the button to disable, it will turn off at 12:00am PT after the date has passed.


Note: Removing your 'Donate' button as a team organizer will also remove the donate button for any fundraisers who have joined your campaign.



If you'd like to hide your campaign completely so it is not shown on your profile, or available in the CrowdRise search results, it's super easy to hide. Click here to learn more about hiding your campaign.