How to customize campaign emails

The Email Manager allows nonprofits on a subscription to customize the emails that are sent from CrowdRise when your supporters take specific actions on the site.

Why customize emails?


Share your organization’s unique message Customizing emails allows your organization’s specific brand and voice to carry across your CrowdRise campaigns in a uniform, professional way. By keeping your organization’s theme and tone consistent, you build trust and strengthen relationships with your supporters.


Include campaign-specific messaging Emails can be customized from campaign-to-campaign. Depending on the subject or call-to-action of any given campaign, you are able to tailor the content of the email to make the strongest impact with your constituents.


Set and forget Once you customize your emails for a campaign, no further action needs to be taken to ensure they reach your supporters. With our variable tag system, customizing emails is a hands-off, easy way to garner support and encourage more fundraising and more engagement on your campaign.

Email customization is a feature exclusive to our Premium and Enterprise subscription plans.


Access the Email Manager

Begin by going to your Campaign Manager, then clicking the “Email” Icon on your campaign.

There are currently 9 emails are available for customization with descriptions of each below the titles.



Customize emails

Add your message

Configurable fields are located on the left sidebar. These fields vary by email and campaign type (e.g if your campaign has multiple teams enabled). You can see the changes you make in real time on the right hand side of the screen.

Donation Receipt


Using Tags

Some emails utilize “Tags” as part of the Message Body. Tags act as merge fields to personalize each auto email to your supporters. Tags available to each email vary based on your campaign type and whether or not you’ve enabled Multiple Teams.

Email tags

Tag Glossary

Tag Glossary



Social Media Links

Include your organization’s Social Media accounts to link directly at the bottom of the emails. Click the “+” sign to add, toggle on/off or rearrange social media accounts. All added account icons display at the bottom of your emails.

Email Social Media


Send a test email

Send a Test Email to preview your message and determine how your changes look in an actual email. If you’ve included tags in your message, default tag values will populate in your test.

Test email-969270-edited-014134-edited