Did my donations make it to the nonprofit I fundraised for?

Donations are received at different times by the beneficiary depending on which payment processor they have chosen. On average, it takes about one month for a donation to reach the nonprofit.

Distribution of funds depends on which payment partner your beneficiary is utilizing.

PayPal Giving Fund

PayPal Giving Fund is the default payment processor for all Certified Charity campaigns. Money donated through the 15th of the month is sent directly to the nonprofit’s PayPal account that same month around the 25th. Any donations received after the 15th will be paid out the following month. You can find out more about PayPal Giving Fund Here.

Nonprofits who are not enrolled in the Certified Charity program will receive their first payout via check, about 90 days after the first donation is received. PayPal can be reached Here.

Click the “Track your donation” link in your PPGF donation receipt email to see whether your donation has been granted to the charity you intended to benefit. You can also enter the Transaction ID from your donation receipt into PayPal's donation tracker. It normally takes a minimum of 15 days for a donation to be re-granted to an enrolled charity. And it can take 90 days or longer to re-grant a donation to an unenrolled charity.


WePay allows the charity to connect their bank account and receive their donations electronically, at their designated frequency. This means you can be assured the funds raised by your campaign will indeed be routed directly to the charity either daily, weekly, or monthly.

If your contact at the charity has questions, you can have them reach out to us or contact WePay and they’ll help you track down your donations.