How to customize different campaign types

Use the tools in the Campaign Editor to match your functionality and design preferences with your Campaign type

The Campaign Editor

The Campaign Editor enables you to customize the look, feel and functionality of your campaign to meet your fundraising needs. Use it to alter everything from content and photos to fundraising minimums and leaderboards.

Campaign types

Based on the functionality needs of your campaign, the layout of your campaign will vary. See below for the most common campaign types and tips on customizing:

1. Standard Fundraising Campaign

2. Multiple-Team Campaign

3. Registration/Ticketing Campaign

4. Donate-Only Campaign


1. Standard Fundraising Campaign

This campaign type allows individuals to donate and to join your campaign to collect donations on your behalf. For best practices on customizing your Standard Fundraising Campaign, click Here.


2. Multiple-Team Campaign

A Multiple-Team Campaign means you have individuals fundraising as groups or teams. You will have enabled the Multiple Teams setting in your Campaign Editor. For instruction on how to customize your Multiple-Team Campaign, click Here.


3. Registration/Ticketing Campaign

You have a Registration/Ticketing Campaign if you've added a Registration or Ticketing component to your campaign. In this campaign type, participants sign up and/or pay a fee to receive entry or a ticket to your event. For instruction on how to customize your Registration and Ticketing Campaign, click Here.


4. Donate-only Campaign

A Donate-only campaign is a campaign where you are strictly asking supporters to make donations. Individuals will not be able to join your campaign and raise funds for your cause alongside you. For instruction on customizing your Donate-only Campaign, click Here.