How to customize a Multiple-team Campaign

Steps to edit content, design and settings on a Multiple-Team Campaign

A Multiple-Team Campaign contains individuals fundraising as groups or teams. In order to have a Multiple-Team Campaign, you must enable the “Multiple Teams” setting in your Campaign Editor. To customize this type of campaign, follow the instructions below.

How to customize a Multiple-Team Fundraising Campaign


Multi-Team Campaign


From your Campaign Manager, select the Edit icon. Then, click Edit on the Campaign Card:


Multiple Team Edit


*Note: Make sure you have Multiple Teams Enabled before you proceed to customize


This will take you to your Campaign Editor:


Campaign Editor Multiple Teams



Customizing your Multi-Team Campaign



You will begin by editing the Content section of your campaign’s main landing page. Your landing page displays a Banner Image, Story, Gallery (photos) and your Team & Individual leaderboards.



Under the Header section, fill out basic details of your campaign: including your campaign name, goal and beneficiary.

If you'd like to edit the way your total raised and goal amount displays, choose to hide the amount or the progress towards goal:



Add a visually-compelling photo as a banner image. To keep the buttons prominent, make sure to keep text, logos and faces limited to the top and sides of the banner image area.


Banner Overlay


A default black overlay will apply to your banner image to make it readable against your campaign title and goal. Adjust the overlay color and opacity, and even add a custom hex code value to match your Campaign’s theme.


Add a banner logo to display on top of the campaign title and banner image. For best results, upload an image in a .png file format with a transparent background.




All edits preview in real-time on the right hand side of your screen.



Next, move on to the Story section to edit your campaign’s Story, event date and location.




Edits to Section Titles and Section Headlines are available for nonprofits on our Premium and Enterprise subscriptions. For more on additional customizations such as these, check out our Section Management guide Here.



The Gallery section is where you will add photos and video to your campaign’s landing page.





  • You may add up to 10 photos and 1 video in the Gallery
  • Photos must be larger than 600x400 pixels
  • Videos must be in a YouTube or Vimeo format



Finish customizing the Content section of your campaign landing page by configuring the display on your Leaderboard.


Customize the text that populates for the Title, Section Headline, and Section Description:





Under the Configuration section, select whether you would like the Teams, Fundraisers, or Both to show on your campaign by selecting the radio buttons below Edit labels:





To change the Label for either the Team or Fundraiser Leaderboard, click the blue 'Edit labels' button to open and rename:





*Further configure your Leaderboard to your liking using the radio buttons:




  • Choose whether or not offline donations should be included in the totals represented on the leaderboard*


  • Select the way your teams will be displayed (Cards or List)*



If you have selected Card-style, you will have the option to also add badges to specific teams. Keep reading out how to add badges to your leaderboard. 

  • Decide whether or not you would like ranking numbers to show*




  • Choose to order your Leaderboard by alphabetical order or total raised*


If there is a section you do not wish to include on your campaign, click the Hide Section icon below the Section tabs to hide.


Hide Section-031147-edited


Hidden sections are indicated by the word HIDDEN on the side of your Editor toolbar:


Hidden Section-349115-edited


Note: the Header section cannot be hidden.


Click the “+” Icon to add additional, custom sections to your campaign’s landing page.*


Add Section-316661-edited


*Additional Sections and certain customization features are available on upgraded nonprofit subscriptions.




Toggle to the Design tab to set theme colors on your campaign. Include a logo to go in the top left hand corner of your campaign page, such as your organization’s official logo.


Design Tab


Link your campaign logo to your organization’s website, or to your nonprofit profile page.* Toggle whether your Campaign Title or Amount Raised display on your campaign.

Design Multi Team


Finally, set a Facebook Custom Share Image and Text to preset the content that appears when someone shares this campaign on Facebook.*


*Exclusive features to nonprofits on our Premium/Enterprise subscriptions.



Under the Settings tab, you can customize your Campaign URL. We recommend making it short, easy-to-share, and specific to this campaign. You may only change your URL once. The prior version of your URL will be automatically redirected to your new URL.


Settings Multi Team

Toggle these three settings to configure any restrictions on your campaign:

  1. Disable New Fundraisers: Toggling New Teams Only prevents creation of new Teams on your Multi-Team campaign. Toggling All New Fundraisers prevents participants from creating new teams or joining existing ones.


2. Disable Donate Button: Prevent any donations to be made to your campaign. You can set your Donate button to turn off immediately (when changes are saved) or at a future date.


3. Fundraising Minimums: Set an amount and deadline for which individuals on your campaign must agree to raise a predefined amount of money by a specific date. In order to join the team and fundraise, individuals must enter their credit card information and agree to raise this amount of money or they will be charged the difference at the deadline.

Enable Fundraising Minimums


To set up your fundraising minimum, toggle “on” and enter a date and deadline in the spaces provided.


You may also choose to add Checkpoints, which are smaller monetary milestones that your fundraisers need to reach prior to the final deadline.






Campaign Account Code: Implement a unique code on this campaign to display in your Report Center. If you have different initiatives, chapters or other campaign-specific markers, you can keep track of them by including an Account Code in the space provided.


Google Analytics Tracking ID: If you have a Google Analytics account, include your Tracking ID here to track the traffic on this campaign.**


Account Code Google


*Fundraising Minimums, Campaign Account Codes and Google Analytics Tracking IDs are available to nonprofits on Premium and Enterprise subscriptions.


**Proper Google Analytics Tracking requires an additional step to implement successfully. Reach out to your Success Specialist for more details. __________________________________________________________________


Customizing your Team Page

Because you have Multiple-Teams enabled, you also have the ability to customize the default team page on your Multi-team Campaign. The content, design and settings that you add here will apply to the team campaigns that your supporters start when they join your campaign.


To edit the default team page, select Teams from the dropdown at the top of your Edit Toolbar:


Team Page Toggle-102972-edited



Set the team pages’ default photos, video, goal and story.




Most importantly, control the beneficiary selection for any teams fundraising on your Multiple-team Campaign. Under Beneficiary, designate whether you will allow your teams to fundraise for any nonprofit of their choice or, require them to only fundraise for nonprofits you pre-select.




Tip: In most cases, you will want to select “Require teams to fundraise for specific nonprofits” and select only your nonprofit as a beneficiary. Be sure to finalize this setting prior to sending out your link to your supporters.





Switch to the Design tab to determine whether you will allow participants on your campaign to change the themes on their team pages, meaning changing colors and adding a header logo.


Team Page Design-634695-edited


Leave the Custom Themes toggle off if you would like to keep your colors and logos consistent for every team on your campaign. Toggle this setting on to give your teams the ability to further customize their campaigns.





Finally, go to the Settings tab to determine whether:


Team Page Settings



Preview Mobile


All CrowdRise campaigns are mobile-optimized, so each page is built to look great on any kind of device. Toggle the icons to preview your campaign on a tablet and a smartphone.


Preview Pane


Tip: Remember to hit Save at every change. Once your edits are completed, return to your Campaign Manager by clicking the “x” in the top left hand corner of the Editor toolbar.


Once you have returned to your Campaign Edit view, click the “View” icon in the top right hand corner to see your changes as they will appear to external users.






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