Custom Branded URLs

Choose the exact URL for your campaign using your organization's subdomain

Custom branded URLs allow charity, team, fundraiser & donate flow pages on CrowdRise to be hosted on your organization’s subdomain. For example, becomes

Custom Branded URL

Consistent Brand

By custom branding your CrowdRise URLs, you create a seamless experience for your supporters from your own website to CrowdRise.

Tailored URLs

As a nonprofit subscription customer, you can choose the precise URL or “subdomain” you wish to use to “mask” the CrowdRise URL (e.g becomes →

No Time Limits

Custom URL branding does not expire on your CrowdRise pages. Any campaign URL that is custom branded remains so indefinitely.

What we need to get started:

  • Your CrowdRise campaign/profile URL
  • A “go-live” date (launch date)*
  • Your desired custom URL/subdomain

*Note: CrowdRise requires at least two weeks to set up and implement a full custom branded URL

Custom Branded URLs are available for nonprofits on a Premium or Enterprise subscription.

To setup your Custom Branded URL, reach out to your Senior Success Specialist.