CrowdRise + Salesforce CRM integration

The CrowdRise + Salesforce app allows you to import your CrowdRise data into your Salesforce CRM, eliminating the need for tedious data entry and management.


CrowdRise for Salesforce App:

Eliminate the need for data entry with a unified database. Easily create Salesforce records from your CrowdRise data and leverage Salesforce’s powerful built-in tools like reports, workflows for automation, and much more.*

Our Salesforce integration is compatible with Nonprofit Starter Packs v2.0 and v3.0, NGO Connect, Luminate CRM, and other Salesforce apps.

How it Works:

Our CrowdRise for Salesforce app is installed directly into your native Salesforce environment from the App Exchange to enable automatic, scheduled transfers of your CrowdRise data into your CRM.

We provide pre-mapped templates for Salesforce’s nonprofit packages. Connect all 3 versions of the Nonprofit Starter Pack to help you get up and running as quickly as possible.

The app also includes access to a sandbox environment for testing, duplicate prevention rules, and full visibility into your data transfers to make management as simple as possible.

Setup: The Basics

  1. Download the CrowdRise for Salesforce app
  2. Set up your field mapping, duplicate prevention & frequency
  3. Choose from our pre-mapped configuration or customize your own fields, workflows and rules

CrowdRise for Salesforce App Documentation

*Support of the CrowdRise + Salesforce integration is limited to nonprofits on a Premium or Enterprise subscription plan.