CrowdRise-powered Donate Button

What is the CrowdRise-powered Donate Button?

The CrowdRise Donate Button is a unique string of code that you connect to your nonprofit website’s Donate Button. The Donate Button directs your donor to your CrowdRise donation form to complete their checkout in one fluid process.


How can it help my nonprofit’s fundraising?

By powering your nonprofit’s Donate Button through CrowdRise, your donors are only presented with credit card fees at checkout and experience one seamless donation experience across all mobile devices and browsers.

Donate Button Key Features:

Best Pricing: Your donors only incur payment processing fees-- no platform fees.*

Recurring Donation Option: Supporters have the option to make a monthly, recurring donation from your Donate Button.

Integrates directly into your website: Your unique Donate Button code ensures all donations are attributed to your CrowdRise account.

All your data in one place: All donations made through your Donate Button reflect in the Reports in your CrowdRise Report Center and into CRM integration, if applicable.

Pair with Fundraising: Pair the Donate Button with our Fundraise Button to turn your supporters into fundraisers raising money on your behalf.


How to Implement a CrowdRise Donate Button:

  1. Contact your Senior Success Specialist to provide you with your unique code.
  2. Embed your unique code into your website’s HTML, connecting it to your Donate Button.

☆ For best practices on using the Donate Button, check out our blog Here.

*Note: The unique code to set up a donate button without platform fees is reserved for nonprofits on our Premium or Enterprise subscription plans.

Credit Card fees are 2.9% + $.30 for Essential Plans and 2.4% + $.30 on Premium/Enterprise plans. Your donors also have the opportunity to cover the cost of payment processing fees, ensuring that every cent of their donation goes to your cause.